Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Answer Go to My Orders and then download product files.

If the product using OneSim Store - Product Installer after you download the installer, please follow this easy steps:
  • Fill the email and serial number. Email and serial number are available on My Orders page, then click next
  • A page on browser will be opened, on this page you will get your Secret Code to use in the installer. Copy and paste the code to the dialog in the installer. You can paste in the installer using Ctrl + V on the field.
  • Select Platform that you want to Install and then click Next.
  • Download process will begin. Once the download and install completed, the Status will be Install Success
  • You need to activate the product manually (scenery library) on desired platforms.

  • Make sure the Java Runtime Environment or 'jre' folder extracted from the zip file along with the installer.
  • Temporarily disable your windows defender, antivirus, and run the installer as an admin. If the problem persist try compatibility mode.
Answer Try to use another browser or programs to download the installer.
Answer Please do these things:

  • Make sure SODE already installed on your device. You can download it here:
  • Start SODE Platform Manager, and make sure there are no errors.
  • Run OneSim Store - Product Installer select SODE on platform selection and click install.
  • Make sure that product files are installed correctly on desired directory.

Answer It means that the Publisher haven't added any files yet to the product. Please create a ticket via Help Center or contact directly the product Publisher.
Answer Please do these things:
  • Make sure you logged in to your account on the same browser as the installer open.
  • Adjust your computer date/time. Make sure that your computer times are synchronized. To make sure the times are synchronized, please use "Set time and time zone automatically" on your settings.
  • If the problem persist, contact us.

Answer Please create a ticket via Help Center or contact directly the product Publisher to request reset registered machine and mention your serial number.