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EagleFlight Labs - Eagle Twin Experimental G.A.

EagleFlight Labs
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Good day,


The Eagle aircraft is a general aviation Twin Experimental, fun to fly and with quite many features in it.

It can cruise > 175 kt and allows > 900 Nm range.

It includes customer 3D sounds, custom instruments and autopilot, overall both simple and quite featured.


Comments are welcome, the update rate is about 6 month, client comments are incorporated where possible.


Thank you, here's a detailed description:



From the early development phase, this aircraft had to meet few design criterias which led to the present design, completed so as to meet its original requirements of which are parts:

Wide view, unosbtructed, from the cockpit, enable almost full front and side  landscape visibility

The pilot's position is far ahead, slightly front of the engines, and the mount is a twin configuration, so as to clear both the front view as well as sides. VFR flights benefit from a clear wide visibility from cockpit position. Hence the dual seats in line pilot-copilot configuration.

Complex management

The aircraft's fit with as many systems you would find on 'complex' GA aircrafts, including retractible landing gear, constant speed feathering propellers, two independent electrical systems.

Custom systems

Quite simple handling in essence, however allowing complex trainings, we include a Fuse panel mount on low-right hand side, which is a fully working 24 fuse panel witht the description plate, for simulating various behaviors, from power reduction via wrong fuel, to pitot block, engine loss, electrical generator failure, so on.

In addition is an S-Tec custom made autopilot, mimics the S-Tec 3100, enabled by a complentary AP Enable switch mounted on front panel (top-left), allowing in flight quick AP disconntect.

Performant aircraft

Light weight and a high power/weight ratio on purpose make this aircraft climb at least 1400 fpm fully loaded, and 2000 fpm at sea level medium loaded. The maximum cruise range reaches about 900 Nm including reserve.

Easy to handle

Despite a high power, 2 x 160 Hp Lycoming engines, those are the IO-320 / Lio-320 types contra-rotating, thus flight handling is easy in all circumpstances, the aircraft does'nt have a roll tendency due to engine torque.

Additional features

The IAS instrument shows reference speed needles, Vr (rotate), Vy (best climb), Vref (landing speed), which can be used accurately work and maintain the proper speed.

Fail flags: most instruments are fit with a red flag which pops up when the specific instruments misses its source of energy (for artificial horizon, vacuum pressure, for other instruments, proper side electrical system).

Some instruments are wired to left bus and some to right bus, hence partial failure can be simulated.

Great night lighting

Cabin and instruments have a full set of red/white/retro lights which enables correct night flight and is visually very beautiful, made by one of the design contributors, which was made after hours of implementation and fine tuning until the proper ambiance was found.


If one wishes to dig further into how the aircraft works in detail and perform flight training, the manual details all equipments and how they operate, which bus supplies them, and includes normal check list.

Design team

Overall, the aircraft is most probably over 1000 hours development flight time and was built or contributed by at least 9 persons.


However simple in apparence and behavior, this aircraft is a high performance GA with flight characteristics that mimic some existing aircrafts (Piper/Cessna), and differers in that it does not have the real world economic constraints, which allowed design criterias to be properly implemented.


Characteristics and feature list:

Contra rotating 160 hp Lycoming IO-320-B1A / LIO-320-B1A
Constant speed propellers
Feathering propellers
Retractible landing gear
Belly cargo with load weight > 2750 lb

Empty weight 1900 lb
Max weight 3800 lb
Safe operation on single engine up to 3150 lb
Safe cruise up to 5000 ft up to 3800 lb

Cruise speed 175-195 kt depending upon weight and altitude
Rate of climb 1400-2000 fpm sea level depending upon weight
Range 900 nautical miles with 45 minutes reserve

Ceiling 13'500 ft

Custom autopilot with panel mounted AP enable switch to disengage
S-TEC 3100 Autopilot with Vs/IAS/HDG/NAV/Approach
Working fuse panel to simulate failures (24 possible types)
Dual VOR with Glide Slope for ILS approaches

Physical based rendering cabin lighting
FMOD 3D sound environment
Plugin driven aircraft systems

Realistic flight dynamics
Limited flight controls according to operational G-load range
Accurate controls, and easy to trim and hand fly

Two set of instruments:

- Standard (black background)
- Classic (white background)

Four liveries:

- Eagle (blue/white)
- Fire Particle (red/white)
- Black Owl (black/white)
- Talisman (magenta shades)

Product Features:
  • general aviation
  • twin
  • reciprocating
  • x-plane 11
Product Requirements:
X-Plane 11

Delivery Method: Direct Download

Available Since: 22 August 2019

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