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All Northern Territories of Canada and Greenland  
above 73 degrees North, completing the X-Plane Global scenario
It is well-known that X-Plane's Global Scenery only covers up to the North 73rd parallel. As a developer of this fantastic and best-in-class flight simulator in the world, I decided to complete the Arctic region that involves more than 1 million square miles (2.5 million kilometers) in a very complex and solitary process. Approximately 1800 x 835 miles (2900x 1350 kilometers).
These locations in Greenland and Canada (second list), during the course of this year will be added the details, constructions, and other items to give more reality to the scenario, which will be constantly improving, always free. This will allow for challenging flights in this icy and remote place of the rest of the world.

When the update is ready I communicate to you to download. And when flying, if there is any discrepancy in the scenario, please inform me that I will fix it. Any suggestions are welcome.
Existing meshes and airports
  • Greenland Mesh 
  • North Canada Mesh
Details ready
  • Thule Air Base
  • CFS Alert
  • Station Nord
  • Qaanaaq
  • Grise Fiord
  • Eureka
To be detailed
  1. Arctic Bay
  2. Danmarkshavn
  3. Fort Conger HLPN
  4. Innaarsuit HLPN
  5. Isachsen
  6. King Christian
  7. Kullorsuaq HLPN
  8. Malloc Dome
  9. Moriusaq HLPN
  10. NEEM Camp Skiway
  11. Nuussuaq HLPN
  12. Pond Inlet
  13. Resolute Bay
  14. Sagvisivik HLPN
  15. Tanquary Fiord
  16. Tasiusaq HLPN

The download file is a PDF document with all instructions for download file for X-Plane 11, X-Plane 10, Windows or Mac. You make the right choice to install.

Visit the website at,br

Thank You and enjoy,

Marcio N Amaral



Product Features:
  • FPS Friendly
  • Detailed building ground etc
  • Thule Airbase
  • Greenland sceenery
  • Russia scenery
  • Eureka Scenery
Product Requirements:
X-Plane 11

Windows 7 and high
Strong Video Card
i5 is well (recommended i7)
4 MB RAM (recommended 8) - 16 is better
Monitor full HD (recommended)
3 GB disk space

Delivery Method: Direct Download
Size: 714.31 KB

Available Since: 16 September 2019

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HSimulators FS Company Brazil

Since 1997 the company under the name Worldsceneries has developed virtual environments for home flight simulators, having launched recognized titles in the world market. In response to a national demand, the company founded Harpya Aerospace Technology to meet professional needs in the Brazilian market, especially to the Brazilian Air Force, for which it rendered relevant synthetic visuals and immersive solutions for military training. Parallel HSimulators is a company, more precisely a laboratory of flight simulation technology, where all work is developed by professionals with several skills, who based on the technologies offered to obtain results with excellence. Before with diversity of focus, as synthetic environments, construction of professional cockpits, at the moment it is more focused to serve the user of home simulators, especially the ones of X-Plane desktop and other portable devices.

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