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This is the great scenery of the far north of the Russian territory. With more than a
million square miles it completes the Arctic's mega-scene. It starts from 44 East to 152 East
and from 72 North to 82 North. The previous packages that make up the Grand Arctic Scenery
and this now, Russia Xtreme Arctic complement the overall X-Plane scenario above the 73
degree parallel. The two together COVERall arctic polar circle.
Russia Xtreme Arctic brings the base of Nagurskoye, still under construction, located in
Alexandra Island, being the closest Russian airbase of the North Pole. Due to the degree of
difficulty of references, the construction of the base will undergo several modifications in the
future, being able the user to buy download the free updates.
Russia Xtreme Arctic, including mesh terrain + Nargurskoye Air Base,
entitled to free upgrades in the future such as the Grand Arctic Scenery. In this
package we use the Sukhoi Payware designed and programmed by,
to compose and fly the scenarios, which form a beautiful set.

Product Features:
  • Friendly frame rate
  • no third party is necessary
  • constant upgrade
  • new mesh to that completes X-Plane above 73 degrees.
  • nagurskoye airbse
  • Russia scsneries
Product Requirements:
X-Plane 11

Windows 7 or higher
i5 is well (i7 recommended)
Minimum 4 MG RAM (recommended 8 or higher)
400MB free disk space
X-Plane 11 licensced

Delivery Method: Direct Download
Size: 443.55 KB

Available Since: 16 September 2019

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HSimulators FS Company Brazil

Since 1997 the company under the name Worldsceneries has developed virtual environments for home flight simulators, having launched recognized titles in the world market. In response to a national demand, the company founded Harpya Aerospace Technology to meet professional needs in the Brazilian market, especially to the Brazilian Air Force, for which it rendered relevant synthetic visuals and immersive solutions for military training. Parallel HSimulators is a company, more precisely a laboratory of flight simulation technology, where all work is developed by professionals with several skills, who based on the technologies offered to obtain results with excellence. Before with diversity of focus, as synthetic environments, construction of professional cockpits, at the moment it is more focused to serve the user of home simulators, especially the ones of X-Plane desktop and other portable devices.

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