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Mujago Aviation - Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II (WIPP) for FSX & P3D

Mujago Aviation
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Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Aiport is an international airport in Palembang, Indonesia. This airport oftenly used for Hajj flights and been the hub for Deraya Flying School. In this product we feature tonnes of details around the airport from gates, jetways, and lrt station. We also have realistic texture and night environtments.

Product Features:
  • Detailed building ground etc
  • High detailed environtment and texture
  • Animated sode jetways
  • Realistic Night Environtment
  • Dynamic Lightning for Prepar3D
Product Requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2)
Prepar3D v4
Prepar3D v3
SimObject Display Engine
Prepar3D v5

CPU: Dual Core Processor 2.0 GHz or faster
Video Card: DirectX 11 or higher
Storage: 100 GB Hard Drive Space

Delivery Method: This digital goods are delivered via the OneSim Center desktop application.

Available Since: 29 August 2019

Added ILS 11 @110.50 on 05 Nov 2020 - 07:00 EST

ILS Frequency FIX on 08 Sep 2020 - 08:00 EDT

V2.3 HotFix3.
Remake some object for more perfomance. on 27 Apr 2020 - 10:00 EDT

V2.3 HotFix2.
Fixed missing objects on 17 Apr 2020 - 08:00 EDT

V2.3 HotFix on 10 Mar 2020 - 07:08 EDT

Elevation and Floating Objects Fix on 05 Mar 2020 - 03:17 EST

-Ground and Texture adjustments
-Slight Performence fix on 19 Feb 2020 - 04:06 EST

-Sinking runway fix
-crash on runway fix
-texture and ground adjustments on 19 Feb 2020 - 12:34 EST

Slight FPS Improvement on 24 Jan 2020 - 05:03 EST

About Publisher

Mujago Aviation Logo

Mujago Aviation Indonesia

Mujago Aviation is one of Indonesia's scenery developer for Microsoft Flight Simulaor X and Prepar3D since 2017. We provide scenery with high detail and realistic environtments. Visit our blog or our social media for more information.
Instagram : @mujagoaviation | Fb Pages : MujagoAviation

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Ratings & Reviews

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Sean Michael Suntoso06 September 2020 05:56 EDT

Stevanus youngky Guitama05 September 2020 20:04 EDT di p3d v5 ils rw11 ga bisa di pakai (seperti tidak ada ILS).......

David Wong24 August 2020 13:29 EDT

WACANA 08 August 2020 17:56 EDT

Ananda AlKahfi21 July 2020 20:09 EDT

Jalu Mardhani06 July 2020 15:12 EDT

Anthony Sullivan30 June 2020 15:01 EDT
Love how the terminal is made!

Kahfi Muhammad18 June 2020 21:00 EDT
Product received for free nice airport

Bayu Picandra18 June 2020 13:29 EDT

Yudra Saiful Akmal14 June 2020 08:21 EDT

Ahmad Hasan07 June 2020 10:20 EDT
Product received for free mantap bener....sukses selalu mujago aviation

Sens Sens31 May 2020 07:51 EDT

Razaan Botutihe31 May 2020 04:45 EDT
Product received for free

Haryoseno Wicaksono17 May 2020 09:57 EDT
Product received for free Berfungsi dengan baik detil semua bagus, namun hanya saja versi p3d agak sedikit lebih berat dari versi fsx

Ridho Rahmani14 May 2020 08:51 EDT

jerome boneta14 May 2020 07:54 EDT

kristo roring30 April 2020 16:51 EDT

Yosafat Saragih25 April 2020 12:51 EDT
Product received for free

Andi Reza Reyhansyah25 April 2020 12:26 EDT
Product received for free Nice scenery !! Tinggal tunggu minir update buat centerlights runwaynya supaya dihilangkan, goodjob mujago

Riki Ramadoni25 April 2020 10:48 EDT

muhamad adlil24 April 2020 13:45 EDT

Muhammad Adnan Arumpadatu22 April 2020 15:20 EDT
lagi cari afcadnya ada perbedaan elevasi di runway dan taxiway overall bagus (Y)

Bazli Bahri19 April 2020 05:51 EDT

Ezekiel Jascha20 March 2020 16:09 EDT

Irham Mohammad18 March 2020 16:49 EDT
Product received for free Mantab, update terus, detail banget, terasa seperti disana,devloper nya juga kasih support walau belinya udah cukup lama. manteblaa

Victor Chandra17 March 2020 06:45 EDT

Dava Dizarzy23 February 2020 06:57 EST

Marva Qatrunada Tsaqif20 February 2020 13:43 EST
Product received for free

Budi Setiawan02 February 2020 19:22 EST
nice scenery but running slow, need more optimize for p3d4

Marthunis Az28 January 2020 07:34 EST
Product received for free Almost Perfect, FPS friendly...

PK- QWA15 January 2020 07:52 EST

Rkw Rkw03 January 2020 16:01 EST
crash on elavation

Tin Trainz01 January 2020 05:29 EST

幸親 村山29 December 2019 12:30 EST
Excellent Scenery! FPS friendly too!

Muhammad Aulia Rendy21 December 2019 12:12 EST
the jetway is not appear in FSX.

Ben Faiz19 December 2019 11:45 EST

Bunbun Djolodrio09 December 2019 15:17 EST
What I've been looking for

Hanif Ardiansyah30 November 2019 09:49 EST

Chalil Mizan27 November 2019 16:17 EST
Product received for free

Chandra Jonatan14 October 2019 19:22 EDT

Cavin See23 September 2019 10:44 EDT
Deleted previous remark. Issue resolved by developer. Therefore aftersale support by developer is still good. Still hoping textures of terminal or terrain could be improve in future version.

I Made Dimas Heriyawan19 September 2019 18:30 EDT
Product received for free

Ferry Libra18 September 2019 15:06 EDT

Fida Perkasa06 September 2019 07:51 EDT
Product received for free

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