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Project MAX - WADY Bandara Internasional Blimbingsari Banyuwangi

Project MAX
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Blimbingsari International Airport is Indonesian's First Green Airport, Located at East side of Java, This airport serve local route such as Jakarta-Banyuwangi, Bali-Banyuwangi and other. this airport became international grade when Citilink Indonesia serve Banyuwangi-Kuala lumpur flight late 2018, not only for Commercial flight, This airport also serve 2 flying school, one of them is BIFA.
with the newest workflow of our scenery, this scenery became one of the most realistic and optimized scenery by Project MAX YET. and set higher standards for freeware scenery.

Product Features:
  • FPS Friendly
  • Detailed building ground etc
  • custom ground poly
  • custom 3d model
  • custom autogen
  • dynamic lighting
  • Approach Object
  • Night Texture
  • Detailed and Accurate Environment
  • Detailed Imagery
Product Requirements:
Prepar3D v4

-Intel Core i3
- 2 GB RAM
- VRAM 512MB

Delivery Method: This digital goods are delivered via the OneSim Center desktop application.

Available Since: 13 July 2020

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Raia A 28 September 2020 17:21 EDT

Malvin Simbolon16 September 2020 04:39 EDT

Trio Fahriza13 September 2020 14:52 EDT
makasihh banyakk buat yg bikin ini terus ngasi gratis semangat

Yudra Saiful Akmal07 September 2020 08:52 EDT

Alexander Tyo03 September 2020 08:15 EDT

data kuliah22 August 2020 15:42 EDT

Tri Junanto Setyoadi22 August 2020 12:58 EDT

Darren Aviation73721 August 2020 06:15 EDT

Naldy Naldy20 August 2020 07:08 EDT

Airbus Airbus18 August 2020 15:46 EDT

WACANA 08 August 2020 17:57 EDT

Yosafat Saragih28 July 2020 15:17 EDT

Mukhammad Alfisyahr25 July 2020 14:59 EDT
cukup baik, tapi suggest RCL ditiadakan seperti realnya

Muhammad Luthfi25 July 2020 05:39 EDT
Yg versi fsx ada kak? ????

Alenzo Leksana20 July 2020 17:37 EDT

Ben Faiz20 July 2020 15:24 EDT

Riki Ramadoni19 July 2020 21:37 EDT

muhamad adlil19 July 2020 00:44 EDT

Robertus Darmawan15 July 2020 14:33 EDT

Andi Reza Reyhansyah15 July 2020 12:53 EDT
cukup baik untuk freeware, saya hanya edit lampu2 nya menggunakan ADE supaya lebih real

PK- QWA15 July 2020 10:34 EDT

Andrew Eliezer14 July 2020 12:15 EDT

Jalu Mardhani13 July 2020 18:42 EDT

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